IT Support for Small Business

Our traditional business

This is the service we’ve been providing for years. It doesn’t matter whether you have one PC or dozens, the world of IT never stands still – ever.  We can keep our clients up to date with all the latest fixes and security updates. We check that everything they care about is backed up every night and always recoverable and we ensure our clients are making efficient use of their IT equipment so that it is enabling them to go forward smoothly rather than hindering them and causing frustration.

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Cloud Computing

The Modern Approach

You’ve probably heard of Cloud Computing and you’ll know that it is becoming an increasingly popular way to run your small business IT operation. But, like most new technology, there is a lot of fairly unhelpful Marketing hype surrounding it and consequently a lot of confusion. We believe we can provide some useful help and guidance in this area and help you avoid some of the many pitfalls and common mistakes. Our aim is to explain and de-mystify as much as possible.

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Use Your Domain Name

for Website and Email

The third strand of IT Services we offer for Small Businesses is the effective utilization of your Internet domain name.  This should be used in your email address: and will also form the address of your website:  We can manage your domain name for you, host your emails for you or setup email hosting elsewhere if you prefer. We can also host and develop your website for you.  Your website presence on the Internet should be the core of your online marketing strategy today.

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